Finally we could take a closer look at the Naish One. We were really looking forward to the board – because we heard a lot of positive things about the board in advance. We spent an afternoon on the lake and were able to test it extensively. The Naish One is an inflatable Paddle Board.

Naish One General

The first impression when unpacking is as expected. The board makes a robust impression, the clean, high quality workmanship is convincing. The assembly is routine and is quick and easy with the supplied pump and plug-in fin.

Visually this board is a treat. The harmonious yellow-black design, we like very much. A nice, optical additional feature: The different stand positions on the board are visually highlighted on the deck. As a beginner you have a great reference where you stand and for everyone else the numbered positions are a nice help to perfect your maneuvers on the board.

On the water we find the board to be very stable compared to other touring boards of this class – other boards require more experience and practice.

Therefore this board is suitable for beginners and intermediates. The focus is on touring and fitness. From our point of view the board is a sporty oriented, allround suitable SUP board with good stability. Nevertheless it is fast and therefore also suitable for competitions.

The fitness guy has as much fun with it as the family man with his daughter in his luggage. Tours after work are possible as well as participation in SUP races. So the board covers many areas of the flat water area very well.

Paddle Board with focus on touring

The speeds achieved are very good and the straight running is – as was to be expected – excellent! We can’t quite reach race oriented 12.6 boards with the speed. Of course the slightly larger width with improved stability takes its toll. The weight is relatively low despite the length and lands at 10.8 kg. Therefore the board can be carried very well by one person

As with most high quality boards Naish offers a towing eyelet at the front of the bottom (it makes sense to have it at the bottom – so the tip of the board stays above water when towing). The obligatory leash attachment is also available.

For almost all stand up paddlers the Naish ONE offers the following advantages:

  • easy to transport in the backpack supplied
  • low weight
  • high stiffness
  • also suitable for paddlers with 100kg
  • Competitive
  • robust and durable

The smaller disadvantages of the Naish One:

Especially for the Naish One there are even specially created SUP races – the N1SCO Races. These races are a great way for beginners to get started in SUP racing, because you don’t need your own SUP. The boards are provided by the organizer. You can find more information at

Our conclusion on Naish One:

What a hit. A tip-stable, suitable for everyday use but fast, light and raceable all-round board. Is this the legendary wool-milk sow among the SUP boards? We are off the socks.

You’re on! Buy it, test it and maybe find your personal touring favourite with the Naish One!

Technische MerkmaleLieferumfang:
• Länge = 12’6″ (381 cm)
• Breite = 30″ (79 cm)
• Dicke = 6.0″ (15 cm)
• Volumen: 265 Liter

• Transortrucksack
• Steckfinne
• Pumpe mit Manometer
• Repair-Kit

You can find the board at a favourable Amazon price – as well as 2 matching 3-piece Naish paddles. One of them in full carbon and one as material combination paddle. I personally think the cheaper one is sufficient. The carbon paddle plays off its advantages in weight, but the disadvantage of the higher price weighs more heavily – we have put together details of the SUP paddle selection on a separate page.

Naish One Air NISCO SUP Aufblasbares Stand Up Paddle Board 12';6"inkl. Paddel, Bag, Pump & Leash/Strap
Naish One Air NISCO SUP Aufblasbares Stand Up Pad*
by Naish
  • Das ONE 12'6 ?ist zweifellos das international meistverkaufte aufblasbare SUP-Board für Allround-Cruising, Langstrecken-Touren und N1SCO One Design Racing.
  • Sein schlanker Umriss ist 30 Zoll breit und 6 Zoll dick für unglaubliche Steifigkeit, Stabilität und Geschwindigkeit.
  • Länge 12'6 "/ 381 cm
  • Breite 30 "/ 76,2 cm. GEWICHT 23,8 lbs / 10,8 kg. VOLUMEN 265 L. MAX RIDER WT. 104 kg / 230 lbs. SUP-Board. PADDLE - Kann variieren. Pumpe. Reise- / Aufbewahrungstasche. Leine (kann variieren)
  • Dicke 6 "/ 15,2 cm

Paddle Board accessories – the most important equipment

You are still looking for suitable accessories like paddle, leash, lycra or life jacket for your new board? Then have a look at our SUP accessories section – we have important recommendations for everything.

Note: This test reflects our own experiences and opinions with this product. It is not an official product test.

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