Have you ever asked yourself the question: How do I do my Paddle Board cleaning and maintenance correctly? An inflatable paddle board is not exactly cheap to buy. Especially not if it is a premium board. In order to keep your Stand up Paddle Board as long as possible, we give you tips on how to clean your Paddle board, how to take care of it and how to store it carefully.

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Paddle Board Cleaning – So it shines like new

A Paddle Board is exposed to many environmental influences. Above all sunlight, humidity and salt water can damage your board. In salt water it is important that you clean your board regularly, otherwise the salt can be extremely damaging to the board. Otherwise we recommend to scrub the deck of the board with a brush/sponge and water. A cleaning agent is not necessarily used by us.

Clean the remaining surfaces of the boards, i.e. the plastic surfaces, with a cloth, water and soap and do not use any aggressive cleaning agents (e.g. chlorine, spirit or similar). There are also special cleaning agents available, e.g. from Captain Reents or Yachticon. In the video tutorial of paddle board TV everything is explained in a wonderful way.

iSUP Care – How your Paddle Board simply lasts longer!

If you are done with the board cleaning, you can still maintain your board in the next step. To protect the board from the weather and especially from UV-rays of the sun, there is a long term care product which protects and cares for the plastic surface. By this good care the material of the board stays elastic and shines almost like new. Simply rub these agents (from e.g. Captain Reents) with a cloth on the surfaces and let them work in – but do not apply to the deck.

paddle board cleaning maintenance

After care, you should let the baoard dry before you pack it up again. In general, folded storage in the bag is not necessarily recommended for long periods of time. If you plan to store your inflatable paddle board for a longer period of time, e.g. over the winter, you should either inflate it very slightly or roll it up very carefully.

If you notice cracks or other damage while cleaning, we will show you how to repair your paddle board in a separate manual.

Attention: As with all other things, Paddle board cleaning should not necessarily take place in direct sunlight!

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